Tactful Training for Horse and Rider

Creating happy athletes: horses and humans in partnership.



Tactful training means understanding things from the horses's point of view, then applying logic, compassion and positive feedback to create trust and a successful partnership.

Sarah Blanchard has written hundreds of articles plus two books (and co-authored a third) on communication and connection between horse and human.


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Philosophy & Focus


If your horse's obedience is the result of force and domination—not mutual trust, equine logic, and thoughtful understanding—you and your horse will never feel completely safe or comfortable with one another. (From The Power of Positive Horse Training)


Jumping requires a higher level of partnership, communication and cooperation than any other riding sport. ...The horse and rider must both make rapid decisions [as] control passes back and forth between horse and rider. (From Jump with Joy: Positive Coaching for Horse and Rider)


To build trust and a strong partnership with your horse, you must get out of the arena. Climb the hills, ford the streams, explore the hidden country. Seek out the challenges to find the joys.

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horsehead 2015 - 2016

Yes Virginia won USDF All-breeds National Champion Thoroughbred Horse of the Year at First Level (2015) and Second Level (2016) dressage, with Keena Mullen.

February 1, 2013

Congratulations to Isabella DeSantis, the new owner of the Morgan/TB filly, Ariel.

January 12 , 2013

Pandora earned third place at Beginner Novice level in NCDCTA 2012 Horse of the Year awards