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Books by Sarah Blanchard

The Power of Positive Horse Training—Saying Yes to Your Horse
2005, Howell Equestrian Library/Wiley
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Whether you ride or drive, breed or train, for pleasure or profit or the thrill of competition—whatever your discipline—you can create a willing, trusting and trustworthy horse.


Comments from readers: "What a wonderful book...great reference tool and morale builder when you and your equine partner hit a roadblock."

"...the under saddle training suggestions— especially teaching the half halt and circle work—were invaluable and made this book a worthwhile purchase."


"Sarah is a natural teacher, and her care and compassion shine through!"


"She's packed a tremendous amount of insight into this book ...delivered with common sense and a touch of humor. ...Store it in your tack room and learn to say yes, not no." — The Chronicle of the Horse 

Jump with Joy: Positive Coaching for Horse & Rider
2007, Howell Equestrian Library/Wiley
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Basic jumping should be part of every rider's repertoire, no matter what set you ride and regardless of whether you ever intend to compete in jumping.


This book is designed for every rider who's moved beyond the novice level and wants to learn to jump, or jump better, or just ride better. And it's written for the instructor, the coah who wants to help her students learn to explore the many opportunities available to those who can confidently ride over fences.

Comments from readers:
"I've been searching for a book that could really help me with my position and help my green horse gain confidence, this is it! ...I wish a few of my instructors made things this clear and easy!"

"Very readable, clearly presented and correct! Should be in every owner/trainer's library."

Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach to Training Through Dressage
by Heike Bean & Sarah Blanchard
1990 & 2004, Howell Equestrian Library/Wiley
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"A book that will take the most novice beginner and permit him or her to progress to any level of driving with a clear understanding of how and why things are done." -- William E. Miller, M.D., former President, American Driving Society

Comments from readers:

"The modern bible for training the driving horse..."Highly readable, well illustrated."


"Everyone in driving knows how great this book is....This is truly the best book on carriage driving ever written. It is the bible for people who know the sport."


"This is the book for anyone who is serious about training their horses for driving with no corner-cutting. It is obvious that this book was written by a true horse trainer for true horse trainers, people who love horses and are dedicated to making the training experience a joyful and life-long experience."

Recent Articles

As a freelance writer, a former editor and contributing editor for Carolina Hoofbeats and the founder of Malama Lio, the Hawaii Horse Journal, Sarah has written hundreds of articles about horse care, training, rider coaching and stable management. Here are a few of her articles:

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